Predatory Publishing and the Psychology Behind it

Marius Drugaş


This Editorial article discusses the publishing strategies of some journals, the authors' reactions to them and the quality of publishing.


predatory publishing; predatory journals

Full Text:



  • Saman Ebadi, Gerannaz Zamani, Maria Popescu (2018)
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  • Najmeh Shaghaei, Charlotte Wien, Jakob Povl Holck, Anita L. Thiesen, Ole Ellegaard, Evgenios Vlachos, Thea Marie Drachen (2018)
    Being a Deliberate Prey of a Predator – Researchers’ Thoughts after having Published in a Predatory Journal
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  • Sally Robinson, Tammy Hedderly, Giulia Conte, Osman Malik, Francesco Cardona (2018)
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