Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


The Importance of Psychological Teachers’ Preparation for Educational Activity PDF HTML
Vincentas Lamanauskas 169-172

Theoretical Analyses

The Physiological Processes Underpinning PET and fMRI Techniques With an Emphasis on the Temporal and Spatial Resolution of These Methods PDF HTML
George Varvatsoulias 173-195
Motivational Function of Plans and Goals PDF HTML
Sabina Alispahić 196-203
Influence of Intragroup Dynamics and Intergroup Relations on Authenticity in Organizational and Social Contexts: A Review of Conceptual Framework and Research Evidence PDF HTML
Nadya Lyubomirova Mateeva, Plamen Loukov Dimitrov 204-240

Research Articles

Effect of Job Autonomy Upon Organizational Commitment of Employees at Different Hierarchical Level PDF HTML
Shalini Sisodia, Ira Das 241-251
Fraud and Extravagant Life Styles Among Bank Employees: Case of Convicted Bank Workers in Nigeria PDF HTML
Shyngle K. Balogun, Morekwe Selemogwe, Femi Akinfala 252-263
Cultural Alienation in the Ageing Person PDF HTML
Daniela Marinova 264-282
Rape-Victim Empathy Scale (REMV): An Exploratory Study in a Portuguese Sample PDF HTML
Maria Clara Ferrão, Gabriela Gonçalves, Tiago Parreira, Jean-Christophe Giger 283-295
Longitudinal Study of Ethnic Discrimination of Young Bulgarians in the Period 2004-2012 PDF HTML
Zornitza Ganeva 296-316
Workers’ Conformism PDF HTML
Nikolay Ivantchev 317-325
Life Satisfaction and Role Efficacy as Predictors of Transactional Styles PDF HTML
KamalJeet Sandhu, Nidhi Gurbaxani 326-338
Relationship Between Personality Types Conceptualized by C. G. Jung and Emotional Intelligence PDF HTML
Natasha Virmozelova, Mariana Dimitrova 339-357
Sentimentality and Nostalgia in Elderly People: Psychometric Properties of a New Questionnaire PDF HTML
Teodor Gergov, Stanislava Stoyanova 358-375

Book Reviews

New Social-Psychological Study of Russian Psychology From the First Half of the XX Century PDF HTML
Mariana Nyagolova 376-380